Record Store Day

We are a Record Store Day retailer, meaning we get access to exclusive vinyl only available to specialist independent record stores.

Record Store Day (R.S.D) will be held on Saturday 20th April 2024
You can find out more about this event HERE
There is a great series of BEHIND THE COUNTER where you can find out about the record stores that take part and locate your nearest participating indie store HERE
The list of what will be available is below, with full details HERE

We can't confirm prices yet however we have a tried and tested system now and we are going with this again this year. For anyone who doesn't know it's this:
  • Study the list
  • Make a note of what you would like
  • EMAIL us your wish list  to by Sunday 3rd March
  • We will order these items in, if we have an account to do so
  • There is no guarantee we will be sent them, due to the limited numbers of stock
  • Once we have checked everything off, we will load the list of what we have for sale on our website with quantities and prices.
  • These will be for sale in-store only; we cannot sell anything online until after the day

  • It's first come, first served. Just because you asked for something doesn't mean it's yours. R.S.D rules are no holds, no reserves for any reason
  • We cannot sell anything before 8.00 a.m, so bring your wish list with you
  • Printed/written on paper no phones
  • ONE copy per title per person, you can't add one for a "friend" as that's not fair on people further back in the queue.  
  • We will take your list and pull what stock we have and hold it behind the till (we normally start this at 6.00 a.m)
  • We will open at 8.00 a.m for you to browse and pay

There is a list of F.A.Qs about the event and rules HERE and our local ones below

Why can't you tell me the price? - We get varying discounts, often we don't know this until the invoice arrives; so we could quote a higher price but we always want to be fair. Check Rough Trade as that's what they do. We will be cheaper!

What time should I start queuing? - Depends how much you want the stock. Last year the first person was there at 9.00 p.m, often there is a queue by midnight and the queue is around the corner when we arrive at around 6.00 a.m

What if the item I wanted has all gone by the time I get there - Don't panic yet; we take lists of items that have sold out in-store and try and source these afterwards. The record companies send out frequent remainder lists.

What if I can't get there on the day? - Ask a friend! We cannot, and will not, hold anything, until the end of the day, or we risk a ban from any future R.S.D events and access to indie exclusives.

When can I buy online? - Typically these are in-store exclusives for a week, so the weekend after R.S.D.

What happens if I don't come and buy something I asked for? - Well, just as we can't guarantee it'll still be there, we can't force you to buy; HOWEVER please note that all stock we buy is firm sale NOT sale or return. So if we order something in that might be quite niche, and no-one buys it, you're costing us money and putting the business at risk.  The margins are already tight on vinyl, plus we won't take future orders from you so please at least let us know if you aren't coming.
The list will also be online to review or download a copy HERE