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Apaxte APA 33cl

Apaxte APA 33cl

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APA is an American Pale Ale – and Apatxe means the enemy!

This is an American interpretation of the classic English pale ale style, characterised by fruity, flowery and/or citrus aromas, depending on the variety of American hops used.

Apatxe uses Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops with Pale and Crystal malts plus flaked wheat.

IBU   34

Tasting Notes:

An American Pale Ale characterised by an intense citric aromas. A golden amber colour and vibrant citrus nose of tangerines and orange peel; a full palate where initial malt sweetness is balanced with a slightly astringent bitterness giving a clean and fresh aftertaste.

Drink with canapés, fried food, hamburgers, grilled and marinated meat, medium strength cheeses.