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Loxarel Amaltea White Grenache 14%

Loxarel Amaltea White Grenache 14%

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Biodynamic , Organic , Vegan , Vegetarian, Unfiltered

Garnatxa Blanca (Grenache Blanc) and Xarel-lo grapes are blended to give a full and dry wine. ‘Amalthea’ is the tender, nurturing goddess, of the Greeks and foster mother to Zeus – though sometimes, as with the label, represented as a goat who suckled the infant-god in a cave.

Young Zeus broke the goats horn and gave it to Amalthea as a gift – the horn will give here everything she needed. A ‘horn of plenty’ is important in biodynamic farming, packed with manure and buried in the soil.


Fine tropical fruit and ripe pear aromas, plenty of weight for a dry wine with a fresh and balanced crispness.