About our wine and services

ALL of our wines are vegan friendly and most are organic, but not all have certification. We also have a small range of bio-dynamic wine, an old, and natural way of wine making. 

Why isn't ALL wine Vegan? Many wine makers use albumin (egg white protein), Casein (milk protein) or Isinglass (dried fish swim bladders) to "fine" the wine which makes it clear. Vegan friendly wine uses bentonite (clay), charcoal or no fining at all. These wines can still be clear by using a fine filter. Vegan certified means no animal products were used at all including the glue and ink for labelling.

Bulk Deals. If you are looking for wine for your wedding or event, come and talk to us. We are always getting offers through on great wine that just don't have the right labels or can do sale or return on our standard range with discounts available too.

Bespoke Box. If you want us to put together a case or two, your event, birthday, or Christmas to match the food, we'd be happy to.

Wine Tasting. We can arrange private wine tasting for small groups of 10-12 people in our Winyl Lounge or at home, showing you "how to taste wine" and food and wine pairing.  Please come and talk to us.

*We do also sell a small range of local beer and soft drinks*